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The East Coast Craft Beer podcast, exploring the stories behind your favorite craft breweries and craft beer destinations in Atlantic Canada.

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    EP-53 Serge, Serge, and Ben from CAVOK Brewing Co.

    We sat down in the newly opened taproom with the guys from CAVOK to talk about the transition from small to big, opening a taproom, and starting packaging with contract brewing.

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    October Tasting Episode

    We sat down in Kyle's dining room to talk about the topics of the day!

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    August Tasting Episode

    We gathered around Kyle's kitchen table to drink some beers, answer some questions, and talk about the latest beer news and happenings.

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    July Tasting Episode

    Kyle and Tony sat on his deck to chat about recent events, beers, and to take some questions!

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    EP-44 Don Campbell of Barnone Brewing

    We went to the Charlottetown Farmers Market to talk to Don about how he got into brewing, being the second brewery on PEI, and what the rules look like on PEI.

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    June Tasting Episode

    We fired up the rocking chair to chat about a bunch of topics, and tasted beer from all over the place

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    EP-40 Kevin Keefe of Granite Brewery

    We sat down with Kevin to chat about what it was like opening some of the first breweries in Canada, and what it's like now.

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    EP-37 Jeremy Taylor and Mitch Gilbert of 2 Crows Brewing

    We sat down with Jeremy and Mitch in the 2 Crows brewhouse to catch up with what's been going on down on Brunswick Street. When we last talked to 2 Crows it was two months before they would open, and so much has changed since then.

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    EP-35 Jonathan Wilson of ANBL

    We stood around the growler fill station at the ANBL Station Craft Beer Store to chat NB beer, NB rules, and how a regulator can also serve as a retailer.

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    EP-32 Wes Ward of Graystone Brewing

    We stood around with Wes in the brewery in Fredericton to talk about the beer scene, canning, and the expansion.

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    December Tasting Episode

    We sat down with Lucas from Bishop's Cellar to taste some delicious treats

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    EP-22 AJ and Beth Leadbetter of Backstage Brewing

    We sat down with AJ and Beth in the soon-to-be-open Backstage Brewing Company in Stellarton, NS to talk about the new taproom, brewery, and all the rock and roll puns you can handle!

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    EP-21B Jeremy White of Big Spruce Brewing

    We sat down in the old Big Spruce brewery for an epic chat with Jeremy to talk about the Nicaraguan phone call, what it means to be an independent, organic craft brewery in Nova Scotia, and how the landscape of #nscraftbeer has changed in the last four years.

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    EP-21A Jeremy White of Big Spruce Brewing

    We sat down in the old Big Spruce brewery for an epic chat with Jeremy to talk about the Nicaraguan phone call, what it means to be an independent, organic craft brewery in Nova Scotia, and how the landscape of #nscraftbeer has changed in the last four years.

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    EP-20 Horton Ridge Malt & Grain

    We sat down with Alan, Connor, and Steven at Horton Ridge Malt & Grain to talk about why malt, what is malt, and what it means for #nscraftbeer!

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    EP-17 Chad Steeves of Tide & Boar

    We sat down at Tide & Boar with owner/brewer Chad Steeves to talk about brewing, the gastropub, and beer in Moncton! Oh, we had some Utopias too, I guess.

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    May Tasting Episode

    We sat down with Kim Hart Macneill of Halifax Magazine to taste some delicious treats from Nova Scotia and New Brunswick!

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    EP-13 John Allen and Aaron Emery of Propeller Brewing Company

    We sat down in Propeller's soon-to-be re-opened Gottingen Street taproom with John Allen, founder of Propeller Brewing Company (and godfather of Halifax craft beer) and Aaron Emery to discuss 20 years of craft beer, production brewing, and what the next 20 years may look like.

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    EP-12 Greg Nash and Andrew Murphy of Unfiltered Brewing

    We sat down in the brewery with Greg and Andrew to talk about the journey, the beer, and what it takes to make some of the best IPAs you've ever had. Needless to say, this episode contains more f-bombs than the rest combined, and that's just the first five minutes. Get on the good shit!

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    April Tasting Episode

    We sat down with Jeremy of 2 Crows Brewing in his "office" to get a sneak peek at some of the beer at the upcoming tap takeover at Battery Park

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    March Tasting Episode

    We sat down in Tony's basement to go through our list from The Coast, as well as something special from Halifax and some goodies from listeners!

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    EP-08 Les Barr of Roofhound Brewing Co

    We sat down with Les in his Digby Co brewery to discuss food, building a brewery from the ground up in rural NS, and the path from homebrewer to brewmaster.

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    EP-07 Cam Hartley of Schoolhouse Brewing

    We sat down with the principal at Schoolhouse Brewing in downtown Windsor. Lesson plan included the new space, the beers, and more school puns than you can likely stand.

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    January Tasting Episode

    We sat down in Kyle's kitchen to taste some of the best IPAs that Nova Scotia and New Brunswick have to offer with Chris from the Atlantic Canada Beer Blog!

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    EP-03 Mark Huizink and Jeremy Taylor of 2 Crows Brewing

    We sat down with Jeremy (brewer) and Mark (co-owner) of 2 Crows Brewing at their soon-to-be open Halifax brewery to talk brewing beer, business plans, cans of beer, taxes, yeast, and more beer!

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    EP-00 902 BrewCast

    Introduction to the hosts, as well as a brief discussion on a recent announcement, and a Nova Scotia pale ale tasting!

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